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The Princess abides
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

Welcome to my humble profile, stranger! I'm a freelance artist, currently working on some pet projects, but I'm always open to job prospects. For inquiries about job availability, or commission work please contact me directly at

My art gallery is a space for fat positive artwork, body diversity, character studies in feminist and gender equality themes, positive portrayal of the LGBTQ community, and stories that examine what makes us all human.

I create art through my persona of PackRat Princess. I live in the abandoned sewers of the post apocalypse, you see I'm one of the survivors of the Uber-Pocalypse in which every single apocalypse scenario happened simultaneously. Now the world is plagued by demons, zombies, killer robots, eldritch abominations and evil mole people. And the terrain changes from frozen wasteland, to flooded city, to barren dessert, to fallout ridden crater within the stretch of fifty miles or so.

As for my artist statement: I am an aspiring artist. I hope to someday publish a graphic novel or maybe work on film or video game art, and turn my art into a career. The message that is nearest and dearest to my art and heart is promoting diversity in fiction; I want to see the beloved stories and fantasies we all grew up with become populated by characters of every shape, size, color, and identity. I believe that kind, cruel, thin, fat, gnarled, smooth, gentle, aggressive, loving, hateful, and such, all deserve a chance in the spotlight, as they are all part of the mosaic of human life and experience.
Well some little stinker tagged me for one of these character-info memes... so now you all get to learn about Healbot, thanks to :icontheshadowie-pers0n:

The rules are simple: 
1. Post these rules
2. List eight facts about your character
3. Tag eight other deviants
4. List the names of the tagged character next to their creator's usernames

Character: Healbot
Meet Healbot! by PackRatPrincess Healbot design history by PackRatPrincess
Eight facts abut everyone's favorite healbot.

  1. The healbot that everyone knows and loves is actually Healbot #4-26187, just one individual out of many thousands of healbots, "Healbot" is the generic given name for all healbots.
  2. Healbot may be a 'bot', but she does have a fully functional emotional matrix that allows her to experience human emotion. She shows emotion primarily via her large 'ears' that waggle and droop to express emotion
  3. Healbot serves the Dominion military as a combat medic and field research assistant.
  4. Healbot is a Mark 4 model, there have been 3 previous healbot models in the past, with a new Mark 5 model rumored to be in production
  5. Healbot has had several aftermarket modifications added over the years, including reinforced casing around vital functions, and a stomach/tasting apparatus that allows her to convert food (and other biodegradables) into energy, similar to a Mechari.
  6. Healbot is easily flustered and embarrassed, especially when teased, or exposed to 'lewd behavior'.
  7. Her faceplate is actually a screen, that can display a wide variety of information (and has occasionally been hacked to play video games).
  8. The character of Healbot was originally designed as a role-playing character for the game Wildstar, but I made her design/history generic enough that she can be slotted into almost any scifi setting with relative ease.

I don't have many friends, so I'm only gonna tag a couple
:iconsamuraiknight: I pick... uh... just one of your cute robots... I can't remember all of their names...
:iconkrauserlols: I guess, Reniko, because I don't know any of your other characters.
:iconsubduedmoon: I guess let's hear about your Miraculous OC, cause I don't know any of your other OCs, lol. (sorry, am bad friend X_X )
:iconmevrouwroze: uhhh... how about your spooky wendigo OC?
:icontheendlessblackabyss: I don't even know, you have so many awesome weird and creepy OCs.. just tell us about one of them X3

.... that's it... I don't have any other friends... lol

  • Watching: X files
  • Eating: Chili Dogs
  • Drinking: water


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Heyo, random person passing through!

I really admire the concept behind Cassamine, and was wondering if I could draw her as an Aether Apostle. It's an idea I had in my head for a little while where instead of relying on Team Skull to seize Cosmog, Lusamine has several adopted children to carry out her demands (there's six apostles, eight if you include the now-escaped Lillie and Gladion).

Also, happy (belated) birthday wishes from a random person! :D
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